Safeguarding in Education During Covid-19: ‘Lessons Learned’

Download The Interim Report Prepared by Professor Jonathan Crego from the Hydra Foundation and Our Infographic Highlighting Key Findings.

Safeguarding in Education During This Pandemic

Immediately following the Covid-19 lockdown and school closures we offered our safeguarding software, MyConcern, free of charge to any school without an online safeguarding reporting system. We also began conducting free weekly Covid-19 Safeguarding Support Sessions, which have to date benefited over 1500 delegates who raised a wide range of fundamental safeguarding issues. Consequently, we decided that it was vitally important that the issues identified and discussed by practitioners during these sessions, as well as the many other reflections that Safeguarding Leads will have, should be collected, collated and communicated to inform future safeguarding practice.

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Identifying The Lessons Learned

To ensure a rigorous and comprehensive academic approach to this process, Professor Jonathan Crego, Director of the Hydra Foundation ran a structured debriefing of Safeguarding during Covid-19 with safeguarding leads from schools, colleges and other sectors on 24 June 2020. Nearly 250 designated safeguarding leads contributed their knowledge, experience and personal insights in relation to:

  • Activity within their school (and, where applicable, their MAT) and the effect on staff
  • Identifying, risk assessing and monitoring vulnerable children
  • Managing online contact for teaching and learning
  • Working with other agencies, and
  • Personal reflections and insights for the future

The purpose of this debrief was to create an independent and detailed body of research that would identify lessons to be learned by practitioners, senior leaders, school governors, multi-agency partners and both local and national Government. These lessons are intended to inform future safeguarding policy and practise in education and, ultimately, to improve the protection of children and young people.


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