Advanced Safeguarding; strengthen your practice

CPD Accredited, delivered live online by our safeguarding professionals

Advanced Safeguarding; strengthen your practice

This leading course will build on your existing knowledge. We cover new legislation and guidance key to the safeguarding role and offer up advice in reviewing your policies and procedures to include these many additions.

We will break down the child protection process with a focus on the interaction between schools, social care, and the police. Identify all changes that are mandatory to schools’ policies and procedures in view of the current pandemic and the new KCSIE additions.

We will provide you with information based on research and practical tools to help you manage the impact and additional responsibilities around mental health on children and staff.

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What Will You Gain From The Course?

This course will enable you to fulfil your statutory obligations and cover all the key aspects of the DSL’s role and responsibilities as stated in the DfE Guidance and Keeping Children Safe in Education. You will be equipped to manage safeguarding incidents effectively, improve your decision-making and take the appropriate action in response to safeguarding concerns.

By the end of this course you will demonstrate an awareness of the leadership and management aspects of safeguarding, effective multi-agency working and the ability to identify additional measures your own organisation can take to strengthen its safeguarding systems and processes. 

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