Advanced Safeguarding; strengthen your practice

CPD Accredited, delivered live online by our safeguarding professionals

Benefits of MyConcern Safeguarding Training

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Ensures Compliance

Easy online access to high quality courses that ensure compliance with the statutory DfE Guidance and KCSIE.

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Provides Skills

Provides you with the skills and confidence to undertake all aspects of your role as a DSL.

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Keep Pupils Safe

Enables you to develop and improve your safeguarding practice and keep children and young people safe more effectively.

Advanced Safeguarding; strengthen your practice

This course is aimed at the more experienced Safeguarding Lead looking to build on existing knowledge and practices. We will cover new legislation and guidance key to the safeguarding role and offer up advice in reviewing your policies and procedures to include these many additions.

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Interactive, Live Sessions

Interactive ‘live’ online sessions with a wide range of activities and tools for practical application.

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Bitesized Modules

Two modules, one 1hr 15min module and one 1hr 45min module or a half day 3hr 15min module, leading to a certificate of achievement.

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Delivered by Professionals

Delivered by experienced and highly qualified safeguarding practitioners using real-life scenarios.

What Will You Gain From The Course?

Learning Outcome

To further your skills, knowledge, and understanding of the lead safeguarding role. Increase your confidence around the child protection process and to provide comprehensive support to your staff. You will be proactive in ensuring your approach is child centered and understand how to effectively review your policies in line with recent legislative changes.

Key Objectives

  • Define the key legislation and guidance underpinning safeguarding children and young people in England
  • Describe the child protection process and your role within it
  • Identify changes that need consideration in order to strengthen safeguarding policies and practices
  • Describe the impact of mental health on children and staff including good practice to improve mental wellbeing
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