Product News – Additional Sentry for Safer Recruitment Features Released!

9th April 2021

In this blog we explore four brand new features in our Sentry for Safer Recruitment software that will ensure that your safer recruitment processes are robust and effective, while ensuring compliance.   


Additional Sentry Features Available Now!   

One Team Logic is first and foremost a safeguarding company and we are committed to the continuous improvement of our products, ensuring your safeguarding needs are met. We understand that every organisation and establishment will have different needs during the recruitment process. Our four new features have been developed based on customer feedback and the ever-changing needs of safeguarding leads in all industries.  


Our New features!   

Deadline Dates  

This additional feature allows an establishment to specify a date by which a check for an individual must be either completed or actioned. Checks that carry a deadline date will be shown in the individual person’s profile and a dashboard will display any in-progress checks that are approaching their specified deadlines or have passed their deadline date.   

Reference Checks   

This new feature will widen the ability to upload files against checks as well as allowing additional note fields against checks and an individual’s records. Enhanced reference checks will mean that establishments can record additional references and reference details in their systems. Furthermore, the DSB check function has been updated to include ‘Issued’ and ‘Renewal’ date fields. The identity check has also been updated to include additional list items. For example, there is now the option to include various forms of ID such as a driver’s licence for a primary form of identification and a Passport as an additional form.   

Document Vault   

Another exciting brand-new Sentry feature is the Document Vault. The Document Value will provide each establishment with a centralised view of all documents that have been collated against checks for an individual. Accessing all these documents in one location will make safer recruitment a smoother process for all involved.   

Archived Profiling  

Establishments now have the ability to ‘archive’ individuals who have no linked checks or active checks. The Sentry dashboard has been enhanced to allow archived records to be omitted from the default views making it easier to sort through the individuals in your system. This feature will also provide the ability for establishments to "un-archive" an individual, reinstating their profile within the dashboard if need be.   



The Importance of Safer Recruitment  

Safer recruitment is an important part of keeping dangerous people away from vulnerable children and adults, and a crucial part of the safeguarding process. Safer Recruitment covers everything from writing the job description to short listing, checks and references, interviewing and using induction and probation periods to ensure you have hired the right person.  

To aid your safer recruitment responsibilities we have created Sentry, providing a user-friendly system for all the critical recruitment checks when appointing a new member of staff, volunteer, or school governor. Sentry has been designed to support and guide users through each of the recruitment steps and leaves nothing to chance; effectively users become ‘unconsciously competent’ by simply following the Sentry workflow.    

This approach is under-pinned by our comprehensive safeguarding knowledge and expertise ensuring that the system has been designed to put the protection of children and young people first.    


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Written by Georgia Latief