Working on the Front Line During the Pandemic

22nd July 2020

Here at MyConcern, we keep safeguarding at the heart of everything we do, we live by our values and are relentless in our pursuit to keep children, young people and adults at risk safe from harm. This has been particularly pertinent during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the issues of child protection and the need for robust, reliable systems to record, report and manage concerns remotely have come into sharp focus.

The MyConcern Team’s Dedication to Safeguarding

At the core of our efforts, is our team. Everyone working with MyConcern is dedicated to improving outcomes for the most vulnerable people in our society and this commitment often extends the 9-5 hours of work.

Just one example of our team’s commitment can be seen in the actions of Lauren Ashcroft, a member of our Customer Success Team. Lauren onboards new customers and becomes their main point of contact while they’re learning to get the most out of MyConcern. She also helps identify organisations who might not be using MyConcern to its fullest capabilities and aids them to achieve maximum benefit from the system.

“I love building relations with our users and becoming a point of contact that they trust. It’s really rewarding helping people move away from paper records to our more robust and secure system!”

Working with MyConcern and the Police

Mum of three, Lauren, had always wanted to pursue a career in the Police Force, in November 2019 she began training to fill a voluntary part-time role as a Police Officer. At this time, no one could foresee a world impacted by Covid-19, or the heightened demand this would place on emergency services such as the Police.

She completed her training and ‘Passed Out’ in mid-March 2020. The UK lockdown and peak of the Covid-19 pandemic imminently followed. Shortly after this the Chief Constable for Lauren’s unit sent out a letter to all part-time employees, highlighting the strain the pandemic and staff illness could put on the force and asking for full-time support for the duration of the lockdown. Feeling compelled to do everything she could to protect her community during perhaps the most challenging period of our generation, Lauren passed this letter onto the Directors of MyConcern and asked that she might be able to work full-time for the Police Force for the duration of the lockdown.

Laurnen in her police uniform

"The founders Martin, Mike and Darryl have really been amazing during this crisis, they couldn’t have been more supportive of my role in the Police from the very start! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to support my community – this is in a large part thanks to them."

Lauren’s Role at the Height of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Working with the Police full-time during the peak of the pandemic was an exceptional experience for Lauren, who has witnessed first-hand the rise in both domestic abuse incidents and critical mental health concerns. Moments of dread, as well as relief and reward have told the story of her experience so far. With the most rewarding moment including being able to support a family after a suicide attempt of their son and seeing the positive outcomes of both his physical treatment and counselling.

“It’s definitely made me a different person. I’ve now witnessed just how difficult life is for some children and their families and am more determined than ever to help our users get the most out of MyConcern, so that they can identify and support these children.”

Lauren working as a police officer

What’s Next for Lauren?

At the moment Lauren is enjoying being back at work in her role with MyConcern and spending some quality time with her children during their school summer holidays. When she returns to work in September, she will continue with her commitment to safeguarding with both MyConcern and the Police Force, part-time. 

“I can’t thank the Directors of MyConcern enough for allowing me the opportunity of a lifetime! It’s so rewarding to know I’ve made a difference to people in such a troubling time and I can’t wait to return to work in September to continue.”


Written by Sam Franklin