ACS International School Doha

Author: Alka Maher, Middle High School Counsellor

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International School

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115 Staff Members

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900 Students

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Middle East

The Challenge

ACS International School Doha provides an International Baccalaureate curriculum to 900 students aged 4 to 18. As an international school, both our students and staff are from across the globe.

Prior to adopting MyConcern, ACS Doha used a paper-based method to record and report safeguarding, wellbeing and child protection concerns. The team in place worried about the risk to confidentiality this method presented. They also felt that paper made it difficult to securely share information with other school staff and external bodies when required. They needed a system which would allow them to store information safely and transfer records to new schools when students move on.

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"MyConcern gives me peace of mind that all the information I need to protect students has been accurately recorded and I can access this securely at any time.”

Alka Maher, Middle High School Counsellor

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The Solution - MyConcern

Staff at ACS International School Doha heard about MyConcern from other schools already using the system. Feedback had suggested MyConcern to be very secure and easy-to-use.

ACS Doha chose MyConcern in favour of other products due to the trust we had in the system, the coaching we received as part of our onboarding process and the excellent customer support given at every stage.

"The customer support with MyConcern is great! Every time I speak to someone from MyConcern they just can’t do enough for us. It makes a stressful role much easier.”

Alka Maher, Middle High School Counsellor

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Implementing MyConcern

When ACS International School Doha implemented MyConcern, we wanted to ensure that every member of staff could contribute to pupil safety and wellbeing easily and securely. We have been impressed with how user friendly the system is.

We now have all the information we need in order to protect students to hand. We no longer have to rely on paper-based files and can engage in interventions for students efficiently, at any time, anywhere.

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"MyConcern has definitely saved me hours and hours of my time!"

Alka Maher, Middle High School Counsellor

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The Outcomes

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Better insight into issues faced by students
  • Safeguarding Leads can easily access detailed information
  • Ability to link pupils for a clearer understanding

"I can go into MyConcern and gain a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on and who’s involved. It’s made my job a lot easier."

Alka Maher, Middle High School Counsellor

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