Fitzalan High School

Author: Judith Rees, Assistant Headteacher

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The Challenge

Fitzalan High School serves a wide range of socioeconomic groups and over 40 languages are spoken in the school community, with approximately 70% of the students speaking English as an additional language.

With such a diverse community, the school and its staff must ensure that they are fully aware of the cultural backgrounds and differences of their student body, while also considering them in the context of child protection and safeguarding – challenges which are faced by all schools, regardless of their demographics.

In such a large school, it can be a challenge to maintain a consistent, accessible resource for recording and monitoring safeguarding reports and actions.

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The Solution - MyConcern

 Fitzalan were looking for a secure platform to provide a reliable and intuitive system for recording and monitoring safeguarding to build on the school’s existing system and streamline processes. Choosing MyConcern was just about strengthening processes rather than fixing something that didn’t work.

"If you’re looking at the holistic picture of a child, then you need as much information in the same place as possible."

“It is intuitive to use and the teachers who have reported things can do it very straightforwardly. Teachers feel comfortable that they can record any concern that they have.”

Judith Rees, Assistant Headteacher

Implementing MyConcern

Since getting started with MyConcern in September 2017, the school’s staff have quickly taken to the system, making it an essential part of their safeguarding practices. Everybody in the school can use the system with the right permissions, so they can update the records that are relevant for them. We use it particularly when we’re preparing for core groups or case conferences.

Taking to MyConcern has been a smooth process for the staff involved, making it a valuable tool in their everyday activities without the need for extensive training.

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The Outcomes

  • A more proactive approach which keeps pupils at the centre
  • Straightforward report entry and tighter procedures
  • Streamlined and secure safeguarding processes
  • Better visibility of issues
  • Staff feel confident they are carrying out due diligence
  • Easy to triage concerns
  • Informed decision making
  • Saves time
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"It’s that little bit of picture building that allows us to make sure we’re putting into place wellbeing or emotional interventions perhaps a little bit sooner. It’s about responding to things that you’ve noticed."

Judith Rees, Assistant Headteacher

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