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Author: Chris Tallon, Headteacher

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The Challenge

On average Woodcroft Primary deals with over 30 ongoing concerns, 21 pupils with a Common Assessment Framework and 10 families under Social Care or subject to a Child Protection Plan.

Staff at Woodcroft recorded safeguarding issues in a concerns book kept in the office. The book was not always easy to access when required and was not considered secure for such sensitive documents. The process of trawling through the entries to find information was time-consuming and patterns of behaviour or trends could also easily be overlooked.

The Solution - MyConcern

MyConcern is a simple to use, safe and secure application which enables all staff to report any safeguarding concern, safe in the knowledge that a robust record has been made and that their Safeguarding Lead has been automatically notified. It also equips them to assess and manage any action that needs to be taken.

MyConcern synchronises with the school’s MIS, making all pupil and staff information seamlessly available within the software. This makes recording a concern a quick and simple process.

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“Using MyConcern means everybody can report a concern without having access to the database or further information about concerns raised by other staff. Straight away, it resolves the problem around confidentiality.”

Chris Tallon, Headteacher

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Implementing MyConcern

MyConcern has been the ideal solution to help Woodcroft record and manage their safeguarding concerns.

Now when a concern is recorded or updated, the system automatically notifies the relevant people immediately. Staff are always aware of the current situation of any concern and can act promptly. MyConcern builds a chronology automatically, with every entry date and time stamped so nothing is missed and staff can easily identify trends which may help them intervene sooner.

Concerns can now be recorded without any delay, as staff can access MyConcern immediately. This minimises loss of important information, as teachers don't have to rely on memory until they are able to write it in the book.

"The duration of our first safeguarding review meeting was halved using the new system. In addition to the improved safeguarding management and peace of mind that MyConcern brings, the software effectively pays for itself!"

Chris Tallon, Headteacher

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The Outcomes

  • The system is much more efficient and saves time in recording, management, and review of issues
  • Liaising with Social Services has been made much simpler, where the information is immediately accessible, and contact with different agencies can also be recorded in one place
  • MyConcern has changed the way we operate with regard to safeguarding, the software very easily allows you to add a file note, an update, a reference, or a call, so the chronology of action is automatically there.
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"Everything to manage safeguarding, from referral to tracking, to the management of case review, is all contained within the MyConcern package. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made."

Chris Tallon, Headteacher

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