Safeguarding Software for Charities

Secure, Effective and Efficient

MyConcern safeguarding software is a safe and effective way for recording, reporting and managing all safeguarding and wellbeing concerns of the children, young people and adults at risk working and volunteering with charities.

The award-winning system allows you to easily build a team around each person, putting them at the centre and enabling early intervention. MyConcern supports you to transform your processes to minimise risk, ensure compliance, maximise efficiency and securely share data with any trusted partners or agencies. MyConcern® also provides clear and easy to audit evidence for any inspections your organisation is subject to.

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Who Benefits?

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Your Volunteers

MyConcern promotes the protection and care of volunteers, supporting them to be safe in their working environments.

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Charity Staff

Staff have peace of mind that their concerns have been heard and that they have easy access to safeguarding guidance and local policies.

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Safeguarding Leads

Safeguarding leads have a high-level view of volunteers in their care and benefit from a more time-efficient process.

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Trustees and Executives

Trustees and executives have an instant overview of all concerns and can show the impact of their safeguarding strategy.

Why Do Charities Need Safeguarding Software?

Safeguarding challenges have never been more complex nor the legal duties of staff and charities more stringent. The number and range of safeguarding concerns now being handled in society have grown exponentially to include issues such as child sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, radicalisation, online bullying and e-safety issues.

There has also been a significant increase in the number of young people experiencing complex mental health issues. This creates an enormous responsibility for those working alongside children, young people and adults at risk in managing what can be extremely challenging and time-consuming issues, which could result in damaging consequences to your staff and organisation's reputation.

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Seamlessly Designed for Safeguarding in Charities

Staff can easily record and manage their safeguarding concerns on any web-enabled device, providing a robust and tamper-proof chronology of events which can be relied upon in years to come.

MyConcern saves significant admin time and provides peace of mind that the safeguarding lead has been notified. The system is GDPR compliant and registered with the UK Information Commissioner. MyConcern® is intuitive, easy to navigate and offers a platform to effectively and securely share information with trusted external partners such as social care or the police.