Multi-Establishment Safeguarding

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Gaining Clarity

MyConcern’s multi-establishment reporting platform enables Senior Leaders to generate customisable reports and data exports at category, school and group level. High-level, anonymised reporting provides insights, identifies trends and tracks progress, helping to ensure that your safeguarding responsibilities are met. You can use Clarity to compare concerns between schools to pinpoint where specific issues are occurring and effectively allocate resource. You can also create reports over time to show the impact of your interventions.

Clarity provides consolidated safeguarding across your Multi-Establishment and a complete overview of the data from any number of participating schools/colleges, allowing the owner to utilise a wide range of criteria to generate data reports for:

  • Individual schools
  • Cohorts of schools
  • Registration Groups, Year Groups and Key Stages

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Powerful Reports Using Aggregated Data

Reports and data exports can be created for a specific type of concern or any combination of the wide range of safeguarding, behavioural and pastoral concerns recorded within MyConcern. They can also be generated using the information flags contained within MyConcern (e.g. for specific groups of pupils/students such as Looked After Children, Children In Care and other relevant groups).

Clarity reports and data exports can also be tailored using demographic data such as gender, ethnicity and religion. Reports can be produced in a number of different graph/chart types (e.g. bar, line, pie etc.). There is no limit to the number of reports that can be created and saved into the reports Catalogue within the system. If a report is produced only periodically it can easily be re-run with new dates without needing to rebuild the whole report. Also, any report can be downloaded in a range of formats if it needs to be presented within another document (e.g. within a Trust Board report in Word or PowerPoint).

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Information Security

Clarity is hosted within the same UK-based data centres as MyConcern and benefits from the very high levels of security that we apply to all of our systems and processes. Our information security and GDPR Compliance statements detail our information security and data protection arrangements.

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