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Evidencing Best Safeguarding Practice

Whether it’s in front of an Ofsted inspector or in a court of law, digital records can have a vital role to play in evidencing best safeguarding practice.

Recognising that safeguarding leads and other members of staff from schools and colleges are being called to give evidence in courts with increasing regularity, our Managing Director Martin Baker QPM uses his experience in serving from Constable to Chief Constable in the Police Force to explain the reality of standing in the witness box and facing the enquiry:

I would be grateful if you could explain to the court…

Robust Reporting and Chronologies

It was experiences like this that led him to understand that robust reporting and chronologies are crucial in any kind of investigation. Martin finds that the best solution to this, not only in terms of outcomes for children, young people and vulnerable adults, but also for staff workload and peace of mind, is to use secure and trusted systems for digital record keeping.

In this article, Martin examines several ‘myths and legends’ surrounding the use of digital records for the recording, reporting and management of safeguarding in education settings. He also offers a ‘Digital Safeguarding Checklist’ for decision makers to use to ensure they are putting security first when choosing a digital record keeping system for safeguarding, pastoral and child protection system.

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Written by Sam Franklin