Governors - A strategic approach to safeguarding children in England

CPD Accredited, delivered live online by our safeguarding professionals 

Governors Safeguarding Training

Aimed at Safeguarding Governors this course will strengthen your knowledge of safeguarding issues and procedures. You will learn how to effectively work with the senior leadership team whilst developing competence and confidence carrying out your role. This course will also cover child protection policies, procedures, principles and practice.

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What Will You Gain From The Course?

To ensure you understand your role in relation to your establishment's safeguarding issues and procedures. To strenghthen your knowlegde and skills in order to support the Safeguarding Team and challenge when appropriate.

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  • Identify key legislation and guidance underpinning safeguarding children
  • Describe the role and responsibilities of the Safeguarding Governor
  • Identify the four categories of abuse and understand how each may impact on children
  • Understand how to support the Safeguarding Team


  • Describe the Single Central Record and the importance of Safer Recruitment
  • Explain the process of dealing with allegations against staff
  • Describe the voice of the child effectively to ensure all safeguarding procedures meet their needs
  • Recognise the importance of sharing information and working in partnership

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