Safeguarding Software for International Schools

Secure, Effective and Efficient

Suitable for education settings across the world, MyConcern safeguarding software is fast becoming the go-to method for the recording, reporting and management of all safeguarding and wellbeing concerns of children and young people in schools and colleges.

MyConcern has won awards and plaudits for its innovations, especially due to how quickly the platform facilitates the formation of a team around an individual at risk, putting them at the centre and enabling early intervention.

MyConcern supports you to transform your processes to minimise risk, ensure compliance, maximise efficiency and securely share data with any trusted partners or support network (e.g. school councillors, health care professionals). MyConcern® also provides clear and easy to audit evidence for inspections.

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Who Benefits?

Students And Families 2 01
Students and Families

MyConcern puts students first, ensuring their pastoral care and wellbeing is safeguarded so they can reach their potential.

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School and College Staff

Staff feel more comfortable and supported by easily accessible British safeguarding guidance and local policies.

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Safeguarding & Pastoral Leads

Safeguarding staff enjoy better efficiencies, allowing them to see the whole matrix of students in their care and make better, more informed decisions.

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Senior Leadership

Senior leaders can find and review the school’s array of concerns, allowing them to track and see the impact of their safeguarding strategy.

Why International Schools Need Safeguarding Software

Staff at schools are facing mounting challenges. As the standard of safeguarding matures, so does the responsibilities of those who work in schools. From online bullying to e-safety issues, the range of wellbeing risks and concerns is growing.

Running alongside these concerns is an increase in mental health awareness. As more and more research is published, so does the requirements of teachers and school staff which, when combined with day-to-day work, creates a mounting challenge that can only be solved by evolving, modern software.

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Seamlessly Designed for Safeguarding in International Settings

MyConcern only requires a web-enabled device to work, cutting down on admin time and providing staff and those at risk with a consistent avenue of support.

The system is GDPR compliant, DfE Cloud Services compliant and registered with the UK Information Commissioner.

MyConcern is consistently user-friendly, fully integrating with your Management Information System (e.g. SIMS, iSAMS, Scholarpack). It is a member of COBIS and has even been selected as Capita SIMS’ ‘Best in Breed’ safeguarding solution.

Record transfer is an important part in maintaining an inter-school safeguarding network, so MyConcern® is designed to ensure records are secure when communicated to other organisations and schools, even if they don’t have the platform themselves.