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The MyConcern Companion App

Secure, Effective and Efficient

We take pride in our continuous commitment to make MyConcern the best it can be. 

Designed with you in mind, this handy app will equip your staff to share safeguarding information with your safeguarding lead instantly. All they need is a WiFi or mobile data connection.

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Benefits Of Using The MyConcern Companion App

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Quick and Secure

Quickly and securely log concerns anywhere, all you need is WiFi or mobile data.

Accurate Records 01

Accurate Records

Notes made at the time improve accuracy and timeliness.

Saves Your Information 01

Saves Your Information

Pick up a concern where you left it – even if you exit the app to use your phone or lose internet.

Stay Up To Date 01

Stay Up-To-Date

Use push notifications to stay on top of the critical updates you need.

Safeguarding On-The-Go

With the MyConcern Companion App it’s now even quicker and easier to securely record critical information about incidents and concerns as and when they occur. The app will also let you receive notifications direct to your phone or other mobile device, making sure you never miss an important safeguarding alert.

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Companion App Features

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Pin Access

Secure and easy login with PIN access.

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Record critical information about incidents as they occur.

Immediate Notifications 01

Immediate Notifications

Receive and view your notifications within the app.

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2FA Code

Access your 2FA code in the same easy to use app.