Peer-on-Peer Sexual Abuse Briefing

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15 Minute Briefing For All Staff

We have created this quick briefing for schools, colleges and other organisations to share with their staff. This briefing gives you the tools to inform your team of the risks and support them to provide the best outcomes for children and young people.

Topics covered in this briefing include:

  • How to respond to a report of peer-on-peer abuse
  • What to do when the victim and alleged perpetrator share a class
  • Signposting to other useful resources for guidance and support


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Peer-On-Peer Abuse in Schools

Over a 3 year period an estimated 600 rapes took place between children in schools. (That is 1 rape for every day spent at school).

We understand that it can be extremely challenging and upsetting for staff to deal with situations such as this. It also also of the utmost importance that staff are fully supported to handle these disclosures and any resulting actions that need to be taken, in order to best protect all of those in their care.

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