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Safeguarding In Education – Lessons Will Be Learnt

Two of our founding directors, Martin Baker QPM and Mike Glanville, were interviewed by behavioural specialist Mike Armiger for episode 206 in the Pivotal Podcast series. This episode was a safeguarding special where Martin and Mike discussed the importance of safeguarding in schools and the impact this has on staff, schools and ultimately children. They also gave a helpful update on what schools should be doing around safeguarding.

It takes a heavy toll on those people who are responsible for safeguarding if they haven’t got support to do their job and can’t support the young people that they are responsible for.

Topics Covered In Podcast:

  • The importance of supporting Safeguarding Practitioners (especially in schools)
  • Importance of information sharing between schools and agencies
  • What staff should be aware of during this academic year
  • Key changes in Working Together
  • Key changes in Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • Martin and Mike’s top tips for Safeguarding Leads
  • Benefits of an electronic record keeping (such as MyConcern)

This is one of the best examples of how technology can just be so beneficial to in fact keeping loads of people safe, especially young people.

Who is this for?

We recommend that Safeguarding Leads and Senior leadership teams in schools listen to the full episode. It would also be useful for any members of staff who work in schools, or in other organisations with a duty to protect children and young people (e.g. Sports clubs, charities and universities). You can listen to the full episode here.

About Pivotal Education:

Pivotal Education are a multi award-winning education training consultancy specialising in behaviour change. Their free podcast (Pivotal Podcast) supports teachers and other staff working in educational settings by bringing together guests from different areas of the education world to discuss listeners’ contributions and give practical advice.

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Written by Sam Franklin