Safer Recruitment; creating a safer culture

CPD Accredited, delivered live online by our safeguarding professionals

Safer Recruitment; creating a safer culture

This course is aimed at all individuals involved in the recruitment process, the foundation of creating a safe environment and culture for children and young people to thrive in. You will gain vital skills in identifying, deterring, or rejecting individuals who pose a risk of harm and an understanding of your statutory responsibilities incorporating the recommendations and improvements made by national guidance and legislation.

Taking the learning from Serious Case Reviews this course will further support you in considering overall systemic issues, and how policy and practice may need to change.

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What Will You Gain From The Course?

On completion of this course you will have gained all the necessary skills and confidence to manage your Safer Recruitment process. You will understand how Safer Recruitment fits into the wider context of safeguarding and able to create a robust child protection culture within your establishment.

Course Objectives

  • Define the process and practice of Safer Recruitment
  • Extract the learning from Serious Case Reviews to persist in being dynamic and self-improving
  • Interpret the British Guidance and Legislation underpinning Safer Recruitment
  • Review your practice and procedures
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