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What is Sentry for Safer Recruitment?

Sentry is a safeguarding software tool that effectively manages your safer recruitment process and acts as your Single Central Record.  

It enables practitioners to easily record all recruitment checks that are required by the statutory guidance and to closely track every step of that process. The system has been designed to guide you through the recruitment process, to monitor the progress of outstanding checks and to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation.  

Sentry will ensure that your recruitment processes are robust and acts as a critical first line of defence against those individuals who may  present significant risks to children and young people.

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Effective Safeguarding Starts with Safer Recruitment

The guidance on Safer Recruitment and the management of the Single Central Record is very detailed and can be very complex to follow. Practitioners find it challenging to keep up to date with the guidance and managing these critical safeguarding processes on paper is no longer efficient or effective.  

Sentry for Safer Recruitment provides an easy to follow workflow for all of the critical recruitment checks that schools need to complete before appointing someone as a member of staff, volunteer or school governor. The system has been designed to support and guide users through each of the recruitment steps and leaves nothing to chance; effectively users become ‘unconsciously competent’ by simply following the Sentry workflow.  

This approach is under-pinned by our comprehensive safeguarding knowledge and expertise ensuring that the system has been designed to put the protection of children and young people first.  

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Teacher Graphic

Who Can Use Sentry for Safer Recruitment?

Sentry is available for those that operate within the Education sector, who are responsible for the recruitment of staff.

We’re also thrilled to offer 18 months for the price of 12 months as an introductory offer!  

Find Out About Our Introductory Offer