Terms and Conditions

MyConcern Safeguarding Software Available Free Of Charge Until September For UK Schools Without An Electronic Record-Keeping System

(Full Terms and Conditions Below)

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  1. The offer is for free access to the MyConcern Safeguarding Software until Sept 1st 2020 - we will provide a unique instance for your school.
  2. If you take advantage of this offer you will also have access to the resources, guidance and best practice safeguarding advice available to all existing MyConcern customers.
  3. This is offered only to schools in the UK who do not already have a Safeguarding Recording and Case Management system.
  4. This offer is time limited and may be withdrawn at any time. Due to expected demand can only be offered on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
  5. After the 1st Sept 2020 you can have your data securely returned, or you can choose to continue using MyConcern upon payment of an annual licence fee.
  6. MyConcern integrates with a very wide range of school MIS systems and we will work with your technical department, subject to their availability, to integrate MyConcern with your MIS system. Where this is not possible for any reason, we will offer a version of MyConcern that can work without MIS integration.
  7. We will provide the standard version of MyConcern; any customisation or personalisation will be provided as part of an annual licence fee.
  8. MyConcern is intuitive to use, however for those that require training our training team will provide ‘live’ online training and access to other online resources.
  9. In applying for this offer you are confirming that you have the necessary authority to do so on behalf of your school.
  10. Should we need to withdraw this offer for any reason this will not affect you if you have already made an application for the scheme and we have provisioned your system.