Safeguarding Software for Training Organisations

Secure, Effective and Efficient

Whether you have young people working on placements, long-term apprenticeships, internships or learners participating in other vocational training schemes you, as a training provider you have a duty of care for their welfare.

Suitable for any training setting, MyConcern safeguarding software is a safe and effective way for recording, reporting and managing all safeguarding and wellbeing concerns about the young people being trained by your organisation.

The award-winning system allows you to easily organise a team around each learner, ensuring they stay supported while opening avenues for early intervention.

MyConcern gives you a solid foundation to change your processes. That way, we can help you set up long-term solutions to reduce risk, create efficiencies, ensure compliance and improve the security of communication and data sharing.


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Who Benefits?

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Your Learners

MyConcern ensures the wellbeing, safety and pastoral care of your learners are kept front and centre, meaning they reach their potential on placement in safety.

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Your Staff

Staff feel more supported and confident by having their concerns heard as well as having instant access to guidance and policy information.

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Safeguarding Leads

Safeguarding leads see improvements in time efficiencies, increasing understanding and cutting response time.

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Work Placement Partners

Your partnered organisations can be assured that you are committed to the safety of your learners.

Why Your Training Organisation Needs Safeguarding Software

Safeguarding challenges have never been more complex nor the legal duties of those working with young people more stringent; Ofsted increasingly reports that training organisations don't have sufficient processes in place to manage safeguarding concerns. The number and range of safeguarding concerns now being handled in organisations have grown exponentially to include issues such as sexual harassment, substance misuse, radicalisation, and e-safety issues.

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of learners, in both physical and mental health, during their work placements is crucial, not to mention the obligation upon the workplace’s partners if there is something that raises a concern. Speak to us to see how we can help you and book a demo to see our award-winning software in action. 

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Seamlessly Designed for Safeguarding in Training Organisations

Staff can easily record and manage their safeguarding concerns on any web-enabled device from any location (be that workshop, building-site or a field-based location).

Our customers can also receive and transfer records to and from other organisations about their learners (even from those who do not have MyConcern).

Our previous process made me apprehensive. I worried about the quality of the data being input and finer detail being missed, there was also no chronology. When I was shown the MyConcern product – I think that was the most excited I’ve been in my working life!” - Katie Lewis, Head of Care, Support and Guidance, ACT Training

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Effective Safeguarding starts with Safer Recruitment

Introducing Sentry for Safer Recruitment, our simple, effective SCR solution. The guidance on Safer Recruitment and the management of the Single Central Record is very detailed and can be very complex to follow. Practitioners can find it challenging to keep up to date with the guidance and managing these critical safeguarding processes on paper is no longer efficient or effective.  

Sentry for Safer Recruitment provides an easy to follow workflow for all of the critical recruitment checks that need to be complete before appointing someone as a member of staff, volunteer or other role that will involve working with learners. The system has been designed to support and guide users through each of the recruitment steps and leaving nothing to chance. Custom checks and custom roles can also be created to ensure that Sentry is tailored to the needs of your establishment.

This approach is under-pinned by our comprehensive safeguarding knowledge and expertise ensuring that the system has been designed to put the protection of children and young people first. For more information, talk to us, download the brochure or read our FAQs

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