Resilient Young Minds

“A Revolutionary Approach to Wellbeing”

  • What: An Online Conference on Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • When: 22nd and 23rd November 2018

How can we best support young people in the prevention and treatment of mental health?

As safeguarding practitioners working so closely with young people you will be well aware of the escalating problem of mental illness, distress and anxiety faced by young people today.

On November 22nd and 23rd a group of world-class speakers will be presenting at a conference in Devon which is also being live-streamed over the internet. The conference will be examining the theme of innate resilience and wellbeing for both young people and those that support them.

What to expect from the conference

The main focus for the conference is an innovative psychological understanding that highlights mental HEALTH rather than mental illness. The speakers include psychiatrists specialising in mental health and young people, school well-being coaches, an award-winning youth worker, a best-selling author and a professional rugby player who talks from his own personal experience.

Each of the speakers has a message which focuses on the key themes of mental health, resilience and wellbeing. They are pointing to the over-looked constant in our psychological system which is the capacity for us all to access the health and well-being which exists within in each one of us.

The hopeful message at the conference is that when we start to focus on this innate wellbeing then we all (adults and youngsters) find it easier to navigate our way through life’s challenges.

How to Join the Conference

If you’d like to be part of this conference and to join a longer-term conversation around mental health and wellbeing, then a Live-Stream ticket will provide you with an in-the-room ‘virtual’ seat. You can meet the presenters, you can ask questions, you can network with people online from all over the country. You’ll also get access to follow-up webinars and conversations with the presenters and meet up with like-minded people across the world.

The 1½ day conference is on November 22nd and 23rd. If you can only make the first day – that’s fine too. The Live-Stream ticket is just £60 if you put in the MyConcern discount code “LS60” and you can book tickets here.

This conference is suitable for:

  • Teachers/leaders/safeguarding leads
  • Parents/governors
  • Charities supporting young people/addictions/mental health
  • Youth organisations and Youth Leaders

Coaching Connect

Coaching Connect is a company providing coaching and well-being support to schools and colleges. We are hosting the conference and are inspired by a growing number of people who are reaching out to those who are vulnerable in our community. We are also co-founders of the Wellbeing Ambassador project which specifically brings together people in the community to listen for wellbeing in colleagues, young people, family and friends. If you want to be part of the wellbeing solution, then join this nourishing, refreshing conversation.