The National Education Show

We are delighted to be sponsoring The National Education Show again this year! Our Managing Director Martin Baker QPM will also be delivering a seminar session on the day “When Safeguarding Gets Serious.”

What to do when Teaching and Safeguarding Staff Called to Court as Witnesses

There are a growing number of headteachers, senior leaders, safeguarding leads and other members of school staff being summoned as witnesses in a range of courts and tribunals to give evidence relating to child protection and safeguarding concerns. The outcomes of these hearings rely heavily on these testimonies to protect children and young people from harm.

The pressure involved with this experience is immense. A court hearing or tribunal could decide the fate of a child and their family and could ultimately save a child’s life. The process is far from easy, the impact on those called upon, as well as the effect on staff and the reputation of the school, may be significant.

Our Managing Director Martin Baker is a former Chief Constable who served in five UK police forces, including Heddlu Gwent Police. In Gwent he was the Director of Public Protection, in which role he was personally accountable for the safeguarding of both children and adults. His extensive experience in safeguarding and child protection and as a long-standing school governor means that he fully understands the complex challenges facing schools, safeguarding teams and senior leaders, particularly in relation to information-sharing, multi-agency working and providing evidence in the courts and other tribunals as a witness.

The Seminar: “When Safeguarding Gets Serious”

In his seminar, Martin will cover the steps that can be taken by you, your staff, your governing body and your school to ensure that you are able to protect the children and young people for whom you are responsible. He will also provide you with the practical steps you can take to ensure that your safeguarding processes are fit for purpose and that you and your organisation are prepared for any level of scrutiny, whether that be in the courts or during school inspections.

Do You Want to Attend?

We think that this seminar is a must for safeguarding leads and members of senior leadership, we would also welcome any member of school staff to attend. If you would like to register for this session, please follow this link to visit The National Education Show website and sign up there.

Written by Sam Franklin